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The 7 Most Important Ways To Profit From A Real Life Internet Marketing Networking Group

If you've ever wondered how you could profit from a Real Life Internet Marketing Networking Group, then you have clearly realized that it can be done. The fact is, there are lots of ways to profit from any type of networking group in any industry, but in the Internet Marketing Industry, the opportunities are astounding. Owning a group can provide profit centers in the form of membership dues, Joint Ventures with Speakers, Newsletter publications, affiliate marketing in those newsletters and more. For members, the areas of profit include recruiting and becoming affiliates, freelance work, joint ventures with other members, and opportunities to create new content by forming teams and alliances.

Group owner profits include the most basic of profit centers, membership dues. If the group owner chooses an urban city to host a group in, a decent membership should be around 300 members. At only $ 10.00 per meeting, this equates to $ 30,000 a year in dues. Next the group owner has Joint Venture opportunities with speakers as an additional source of revenue. Each month, the general meeting should feature it's usual networking and socialization times, but recruiting one speaker per month, who sells a product or service that would make a members life easier, is another way way to derive a source of income for the group owner. The speaker agreements to teach something to the group in order for the right to present his or her product and or service. If the speaker sells his product, the group owner receives a percentage of that sale.

Newsletters published by the group owners can also be a fantastic stream of income. Electronic newsletters, in the form of group updates and reminders of events, are essential for their ability to insert affiliate links inside the text. This is not the only way to promote affiliate products, but it's by and far the simplest and most cost-effective. Simply put, a newsletter such as this serves as a reminder to the members of the months events, meetings, luncheons, speakers, workshops, conferences, teleseminars and more …

The members themselves will generate much of the content by issuing a press release or buying advertising space in the newsletter to promote their own products and or services. Here is where your speakers and other JV partners, as well as any product that the group owner finds relevant to his crowd, can be promoted to the group with built in affiliate links.

The Internet Marketing industry is a hugely profitable industry and like all hugely profitable industries, there need to be real life networking groups for it to sustain and continue to recruit new talent. Meetings, events, workshops, and more are essential tools for any professional to stay abreast in his or her field. Networking Groups provide opportunities like that for entrepreneurs in all professions, and Internet Marketing is now a profession that is realizing it.

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