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The Benefits Of High Rep Training For The Bodybuilder

One of the many questions that comes up in a bodybuilder's mind is how many reps should I perform?

We all know that a rep range of 1 to 5 would be suited for power and a range of 8 to 12 would be best for muscle building and anything more would be best for toning. This is what most people follow in their training.

I have been involved in bodybuilding and fitness for over 40 years and I have incorporated high rep training in my routines from time to time with amazing results. I feel that I can clear up a few misconceptions about high rep training. First of all, high rep training is not easy and when performed properly it will really test what you are made of.

On upper body you want to be in the 20 rep range and lower body in the 20 to 30 range.

When you would get to the final reps in this range they must be extremely hard to complete.

High rep routines are a great change of pace and will help you break right through any sticking point that have you encountered in your training.

Secondly, it is a real benefit with a high rep range to use less weight with this you will develop better form and have less injury.

Finally, keep in mind that I do not recommend this style of training all the time but it is a great way to give your ligaments and joints a rest from the heavy weights and add a whole new dimension to your body.

The last time I went on a high rep program it put on over an inch to my upper arms, so it works.

Best of luck in all your training and please visit my blog with my reviews of the 2 training programs that I feel are top of the line and email me with any fitness questions.

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