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The Benefits of Koi Ponds

Sure, having a Koi pond is rather trendy these days. With their growing popularity it seems that everybody wants a Koi pond. But are there any real benefits to having your very own pond? The testimonials of happy pond owners, real estate agents, and even from doctors reporting on the improved health among their patients who have a pond certainly indicate that there are benefits to having your own Koi pond.

The presence of a pond on a piece of real estate raises that properties “marketability” many real estate agents will tell you. This makes it easier for the agent to attract prospective buyers to the property and often plays a key role in how quickly that real estate will sell and at what price..Buyers are drawn to real estate that have such added amenities as ponds and the mystical beauty they hold and many of them are willing to pay higher asking prices to purchase a property that contains a pond. Real estate that has real market value not only increases the likelihood of a homeowner getting a higher asking price from a buyer, the real estate surrounding a property having a Koi pond are also benefited with higher values.

Koi fish pond owners report that having a personal pond to enjoy at their leisure allows them to relax and reduce the amount of stress that the average always-on-the-go lifestyle that most of us lead can cause. De-stressing near the water’s edge is also a time for getting in-touch with one’s inner- spiritual self as well. Many of these Koi fish pond owners share that they feel “rejuvenated” after spending quiet time near their pond. They report a sense of “centeredness” and feel they are more capable of handling the stresses of everyday life head-on.

Some doctors have begun to voice their opinions about the benefits of having a personal Koi fish pond. They have gained these opinions by witnessing improvements in such medical conditions as high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and some heart conditions in patients known to have their own personal pond. Stress can exasperate these conditions and doctors are always looking for ways they can recommend to their patients for reducing the amount of stress in their lives for better health. Doctors have even found that many stroke and heart attack sufferers recover sooner when they have an area they can access frequently for relaxation, such as with a Koi pond.

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