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The Benefits of Organic Soaps Without Toxicity

When it comes to making organic soap, the idea that it will not have toxic ingredients in it is a given. If you're going to the trouble of making soap, it should be organic. It just makes sense that if you wanted various other ingredients in your soap, you could just buy it from your local store. I think in today's society, the common thinking is, the fewer the chemicals the better. I'm not so sure that we are even aware of all the benefits of using organic soaps. I think that over time these benefits will slowly make themselves known to us. We will be pleasantly surprised. I know one of the benefits of making your own soap that would be quite obvious to anyone who has purchased their own organic soap recently, and that is the high price. Store bought soaps are very expensive.

Obviously, the big advantage of making your own is the fact that you know exactly whats in it. This is so very important to the family member who suffers from allergy's. Its anyone's guess whats in some of the manufactured soaps. People today are trying to connect with their roots and getting back to basics. Many of us started out as people who's lives were quite simple and probably more focused. As time marched on those lives became more and more complicated, busy and routine. Today we are wondering what happened to those slower, simpler times. If this is starting to sound like a Norman Rockwell Painting. that's exactly what I'm going for.

My point is that so few things are natural anymore. It seems like everything we buy today is absolutely loaded with chemicals, Do you ever wonder how many of those are really necessary and how many are just there? Maybe the simple act of making organic soap is where it all starts, as far as getting back at least some of those simpler times. I think when you tie yourself to the organic movement, we will all reap what is sewn.

Remember, all fruits and vegetables can not be touched by chemicals to call themselves a true organic. One of the more popular questions is, can I make organic soap without Lye? The answer is yes. One method is the melt and dump technique. This may involve the use of goats milk or glycerin. Make sure you put your own personal touch in your Soap, by way of shapes or fragrances. Make it a memorable experience. Well that's about it Guys. Remember, if you do this right you will definitely be glad you did.

Source by Mitch W Felmet

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