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The Benefits of Sea Salt

Salt is essential for life, you can not live without it. However, many people do not understand or know the differences between sea salt and regular table salt. Ordinary table salt is adequate for ordinary cooking. But, sea salts can make food extraordinary.

Exotic salts are in demand because of a growing awareness among home cooks when it comes to spicing up their culinary creations. The applications of unique salts are only limited by your imagination and you can rest assured it's healthy for you. Himalayan sea salt is the most popular salt available and it's healthy for you.

Himalayan rock is over 200 million years old and mined by hand from deep inside the pristine Himalayan mountain range. It was formed in prehistoric times, and during a period of extreme pressure that created a crystal matrix (we will talk about this later). The salt has been naturally discharged by the sun over millions of years from a time when no man made pollutants could damage the salt, keeping it true to its pure form. Himalayan rock contains myriad health benefits unlike regular table salt that's washed out of its nutritional benefits, and chemicals are added, resulting in mostly sodium chloride.

When regular table salt is ingested into the body, it recognizes it as a poison. The body sees refined table salt as a foreign object and tries to fight it by retaining water around cells to protect your body from the substance. This can cause swelling and cellulite. Now, your body goes to work on eliminating the salt. Your body will expend energy on getting rid of the substance rather than working on regeneration and renewal. Remember the crystal matrix from earlier?

This is important because it ensures the vital minerals in the sea salt are attached so the cells of our body's can effectively utilize them. The crystalline structure assists in hydrating our body's cells, creates and adds energy, and attaches electrons to body fluids. The extra electrons make Himalayan sea ​​salt a great antioxidant.

Himalayan salt is considered to be the most pure form of whole salt on the planet. It contains natural minerals including copper, potassium, calcium, and iron to name a few. The minerals in Himalayan rock help the body regulate water content, promote healthy Ph balance, and help to reduce the signs of aging. Himalayan rock is said to have the 72 trace minerals that is essential for healthy living, in ideal proportion.

The mineral content in the salt also plays an important role in heart health. Regular table salt is refined and actually dehydrates our body's, causing our blood to thicken, and our heart to pump harder to circulate the blood. Crystal salt (Himalayan Sea Salt) provides minerals and trace elements that are required in the body to maintain optimal blood flow and plasma. These are a few of the health benefits along with digestion, detoxification, and skin disorders.

Himalayan rock has a mild, fresh, and rich taste to it, much different from refined table salt. It's also known as pink salt, Himalayan pink salt, Himalayan rock salt, Himalayan sea salt, and Himalayan crystal salt. We consider this to be an amazing salt, rather inexpensive, and easy to incorporate into your diet.

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