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The Benefits of Using A Sink Water Filter System Instead of Bottled Water

It’s incredible how much time and money we spend on obtaining good quality drinking water. You only need take a walk in your local grocery store to see the aisles stocked with countless brands of bottled water.

Of course, it’s no surprise these brands make bold claims. Their fancy packaging often depicts their product to be all natural and clear tasting.

While these statements might be technically true, water in these bottles comes from the same sources that you and I get water from. And more often than not, these products are filtered with the an outdated and ineffective technology called reverse osmosis.

To add to all of this, bottled water companies are not required to adhere to any standards to make their water any purer or safer than tap water.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives like sink water filter systems, which are required to meet federal standards.

These filtration systems feature a separate spout on your kitchen sink specifically for consumption. Under the counter, this spout is connected to a multi-stage filtration system that filters out chlorine and its harmful by product known as THM. It also eliminates VOCs, MTBE, and TCE’s. that are found in municipal water supplies.

But what if you want to take water with you outside of the home?

Even in these cases, sink water filter systems are your best bet. By using these systems in conjunction with a glass jar to store your water, you can avoid exposing water to plastics that bottled water companies use. These plastics contain chemicals that can seep into water over time, creating a potential health hazard.

Sink water filter systems are also convenient since they are available anytime throughout the day, and can be used for both drinking and cooking.

Drinking high quality, natural tasting water has many benefits. In addition to avoiding many of the toxins (discussed before) that are not removed by municipal water plants, high quality multi stage filtration systems also have ion exchange systems to reduce the amount of calcium that is often found in hard water.

This helps to make water taste better and more natural than before, increasing the likelihood that we will drink more of it. And more water intake is widely known to contribute to beneficial health effects, including healthier looking skin.

So when looking for the best quality water for the dollar, keep sink water filtration systems in mind. By becoming an educated consumer, you will find that obtaining the best, high quality water filtration system is attainable. Do your research, drink plenty of quality water, and your body will thank you for years to come.

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