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The Benefits of Using Multiple Checkout Gateways on E-Commerce Websites

If you own an ecommerce website how many payment options do you offer? This is quite an important question because many websites only offer one. You may think well one is all I need, this is true, you do need some form of payment gateway so that you can sell online and take payment but it that option enough for your customers?

There are two main ways to pay online for goods, you can pay directly by card, entering your details straight into the checkout area of ​​the site or you can pay using a 3rd party such as PayPal or Google Checkout. It is important that you offer both options to your user because there are many people who have PayPal and Google Checkout accounts and they like using them because they feel more secure.

PayPal is used by so many people because of its relationship to eBay; people who sell on eBay normally carry the transaction out in PayPal. The money they receive sits in their PayPal account ready to be transferred or more importantly used. These people with eBay credit like to use it within payment Gateways to pay for goods from other stores so if you do not offer this option they will probably look for someone who does and you will miss out on the sale.

Options like PayPal and Google Checkout are very popular because they offer secure payments that people use and use again. PayPal actually offers a payment protection scheme whereby if you have a dispute with an online retailer such as faulty goods or having not received the item at all, PayPal can step in and sort the problem out allowing you a refund. This type of protection is the reason why so many use its service, helping them to feel safe online.

Of course there are fees involved with integrating these options into your ecommerce website. PayPal and Google Checkout usually charge a percentage of the transaction carried out, this normally starts at 3.4% but goes down the more money you turnover per month. With a merchant account (direct payments) you usually have to pay a monthly fee and a transaction fee so integrating these other options should not cost you any more money.

Modern websites are all about offering users the best possible experience so making sure you have multiple checkout options is a must for any ecommerce website. Give the user every reason to buy from you and they will keep coming back.

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