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The Benefits of Utilising Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling Systems

Energy that is emitted from within the earth is known as geothermal energy. It is derived from magma, as well as the radioactive breakdown of potassium, thorium, and uranium. There is a large amount of geothermal energy emitted from the earth but it in no way compares to the massive amount of energy that is emitted from the sun. If we were able to send pipes all the way to down to the earth’s mantle we would practically have a never-ending source of electricity; however, at the present time we cannot.

Geothermal energy is very eco-friendly when compared to using other types of energy, such as energy derived from fossil fuels. It is also a very cost effective and cost efficient solution to producing energy. Over 20 countries on earth tap into sources of energy, and many use the energy to power heating and cooling systems. In fact, many homes around the world are turning to the use of geothermal pumps within their home and business heating and cooling systems.

Home and commercial heating systems that uses geothermal energy typically save 25 percent to 50 percent on their electricity usage when compared to homes and businesses that do not. These types of systems are also wonderful at controlling humidity within home and business structures that are located in areas that experience high humidity.

Heating systems that utilize geothermal energy to operate are extremely efficient at maintaining energy conservation. A reduction of emissions is also endured through systems that use geothermal energy to operate. Fuel energy resources are being depleted at a very high rate in today’s society, making all the more reason to utilize geothermal sources to provide energy.

One of the most advantageous aspects of using geothermal energy within heating and cooling systems is it can be added to existing systems through modifications. The equipment pieces used in creating geothermal heating systems are lesser in size than those used in traditional systems. Many traditional system equipment pieces are placed on the outside of a home or business; however, with geothermal heating, the pieces of equipment are almost always placed inside the property structure(s), which helps maintain its reliability and durability.

Most systems that use geothermal energy have a lifespan of more than 20 years and come with lifetime warranties. The equipment pieces are easily accessible making maintenance tasks simple to address, which helps it lifespan to be prolonged.

Since these types of systems do not include condensing units they also do not emit noise pollution. This is a major advantage over conventional heating or cooling systems that are accompanied with large amounts of noise pollution.

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