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The Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

It has been called the 'sport for a lifetime.' Perhaps this is because it is an enjoyable game for people of all ages. Another reason may be the sheer number of health benefits that regular players have. In reality, it is probably a combination of the two. Tennis is a remarkable game with varying levels of simplicity and complexity. For the amateur, it is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and for the professional, it is a nuanced art form that requires the player to be on top of their game both physically and mentally. Let's see why this game is so beneficial to a person's health and learn more about the classic game in the process.

What the Studies Found

Medical research has found out some truly incredible things about people who play just an average of three hours of tennis a week. These three hours need to be moderately viguous in terms of activity. If you play to win, even if you are just out having fun with some friends, then you are doing just fine in terms of effort. In a study conducted by Ralph Paffenbarger, researchers found that three hours of tennis per week reduced a person's risk of death by any cause by 50 percent! This study examined over 10,000 participants over a 20-year period.

Dr. Joan Finn and her team of researchers at Southern Connecticut State University found that players had higher self-esteems and were more optimistic. Additionally, regular participants were less depressed, anxious, and were less tense. A University of Illinois study concluded that, thanks to the high-level of physical exercise and mental strategy required from the sport, regular participation in tennis matches fosters a continuity of brain development even in older patients.

It Is A Lot of Fun and Can Be Done By Anyone with a Racket and Ball

The problem with a lot of sports like hockey, football, and swimming is that they often cost a lot of money to participate in. Tennis can be played everywhere there are courts, and there are public courts all over the country. All you need is a racket and a ball, which are affordable for almost everyone interested in participating. The best part about this game is that you can still play even if you are on your own. All you need in this scenario is a brick wall. You will be able to work your shots, both forehand and backhand, and the ball will return to you every time.

Is it any wonder that this incredible sport is known as the sport for a lifetime? The benefits of participating in only three hours of this game a week are incredible. You will not even notice you are working out!

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