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The Many Aromatherapy Benefits Used Around The World

Aromatherapy Benefits can sometimes be helpful in a mild, gentle way in reducing stress, helping with mood, improving alertness, or helping to relax or induce sleep. However, one has to be sensitive to aromatherapy essential oil treatment, and not too many people may be sensitive enough to notice a clear benefit.

Aromatherapy Used for Alertness And Energy

Researchers from West Virginia have found that getting a whiff of pleasant odors periodically while driving increases alertness, reduces fatigue, and even lowers drivers' anxiety and frustration. By stimulating the nervous system, peppermint and cinnamon odors enhancement motivation and performance, increase alertness, and decrease fatigue among athletes and clerical office workers. The effects of these odors on drivers, researchers had 25 college undergrads sniff peppermint, cinnamon, or a non-odor control for 30 seconds every 15 minutes during simulated driving conditions. We all know that driving can be stressful and these findings were extremely informative and interesting. As time goes on there are numerous aromatherapy benefits.

Essential Oils Used

There was a study done to investigate aromatherapy benefits and not just limited to enjoying nice scents. This study was done to test the effects on patients with depression, arthritis and pain. The essential oils used for this study were;

o Lavender

o Marjoram

o Eucalyptus

o Rosemary

o Peppermint

o And mixed with carrier oils such as Almond, Apricot and Jojoba oils

Aromatherapy benefits significantly decreased both the pain score and the depression score of the experimental group compared with the control group. Findings suggested that aromatherapy benefits can be useful for patients suffering from these conditions.

Benefits to Cancer Patients

Fatigue is one of the most distressing symptoms described in patients with advanced cancer. Patients received aromatherapy that was accompanied with foot soak in warm water containing lavender essential oil for 3 minutes, followed by reflexology treatment with jojoba oil containing lavender. Combined modality treatment maintaining of aromatherapy, foot soak, and reflexology appears to be effective for alleviating malnutrition in terminally ill cancer patients.

It is obvious that the benefits of aromatherapy are now being found to be better for us in mind, body and health. As the research continues to evolve and more proof is found the market will continue to grow, not only for consumers but also for the medical industry. The doctors of Holistic Medicine were already trying to let us know of these benefits but many people did not believe what they were transferring to us. Now people are starting to reap the benefits of aromatherapy and pay more attention to what others have to say.

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