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The Power of a Sitemap

You have a website and would like search engine bots to index it. This is because you would like to higher your standings in search engine results. The only thing that would seem reasonable to do is to create back links either in the pages or script to enhance the pages indexing. What if the site you own has many pages and you can not do this to every page?

A site map is a summary of the websites pages. In a website a site map is not usually accessible to people unless they know which directory you have put it and they type the corresponding address. For your webpages to be quickly indexed you really need to have one. The good thing is that if you do not know or have an idea of ​​where to start you can generate one for free by going to this page .

After successfully making a good sitemap upload it to your website. Since it mostly not accessable by your web visitors as it is not that important to them you can put it in any directory of the website. To be more sure that bots will run through the file just put it in the website's root directory. Be sure to have put relevant meta tags to the web pages scripts before making or generating a site map; Actually this is another way of cutting down on your website advertisement budget.

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