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The Real Definition of Niche Marketing

The cold hard truth of marketing is that the large corporations have the capacity and the money for massive advertising in order to encourage product sales, easily generating multiple streams of income. Small businesses typically have a very small advertising budget comparable to the amount of money the large corporations spend on pencils in a week.

Contending with the large corporations is not viable or practical when starting up but there is a key to success that most newbie business owners miss. The key to small business survival is to generate multiple streams of income in niche marketing. Small businesses can not use traditional advertising methods in order to offer their products and services to the entire world, but with the Internet, small businesses can find multiple streams of income with little expense and effort.

Offering certain products and services to a specific clientele is what niche marketing is all about. To access multiple streams of income, a person simply needs a computer, internet access and a great idea in order to start a business. Finding and targeting people that would have better suited for what he or she is offering can be done with a very small budget for advertising when using the Internet.

There should be very small difficulty in locating the correct niche for the product or service a person can offer. Do a little bit of researching to figure out who would most benefit from what you are selling. If you created a new shampoo that will get rid of chlorine from your hair, you would not have a chance going against the large corporations. However, you can limit your advertising to those who own swimming pools, then creating a niche. Simply purchase a domain, server and construct a website and focus your advertising to those who ONLY own swimming pools. Soon, you'll be able to gain yet another streams of income, just like the large corporations.

Fundamentally, niche marketing is offering a product or service to clientele who require your product or service the most.

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