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The True Benefits Of Using Online Fax

When it comes to any new technology, we can sometimes misunderstood the reasons why it becomes so popular with the general public. We have to look beyond the obvious surface reasons and examine if we want to discover the real underlying factors why a certain technology takes hold. This principle applies to online fax, you have to look closely if you want to find the real reasons why online fax has become so popular with users.

First, perhaps a little explanation is in order for those who are not familiar with the subject. Online faxing is simply using your web connection and your email system to send and receive all your faxes. This is a form of "cloud computing" where an online provider or server is used to handle all your messages. Once you sign up, you're given your own local or toll free fax number which you can use like a regular fax number. Your faxes are usually sent as an email attachment, although you can still send your messages to a conventional fax machine.

This new technology is often referred to as "paperless faxing" since you really do not need any papers, inks and toners. And one of the major reasons it has become popular are these lower costs – online fax is cheaper than traditional faxing, especially when you consider you do not need to install a dedicated fax phone line since everything can be done via the Internet.

This leads us to the second major reason why online faxing has become so popular, you can access your messages anywhere, anytime. All you need is a web connection and in these days of cell phones, netbooks, iPads and laptops; one can easily see the convenience of having an online fax system. A portable mobile system well suited to our "on the go" lifestyles.

However, having an easy to use cost-effective, completely portable faxing system is not the whole story. We have to look deeper to find the true benefits of using this new technology. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits is that it "connects" all your faxes with your computers. It digitizes all your messages and makes them accessible on all your computer devices such as smart phones and laptops. Your faxes can be easily stored and filed, where you can retrieve them quickly and easily.

This consolidates all your communications and can make your company run more smoothly, especially if you use faxing to communicate with not only your clients but also with other employees. You can use several email addresses so that vital company faxes are sent to all your employees, keeping everyone informed on your company's operations.

Another very important underwriting benefit of using online fax may not be so obvious. This has to do with making your company or business more competitive. How? By using a faxing system which runs 24/7, 365 days of the year – means you're open for business around the clock, reachable at any time. If your company uses faxing to bring in new sales and clients, this can play a significant role in your success.

You must also keep in mind, these services are completely scalable to match your company's needs or the business climate – you can quickly add more fax lines without the need for installing any hardware such as fax machines and phone lines. Having this ability to quickly adjust to changing conditions will make your company more competitive.

In conclusion, having a messaging system that's completely integrated into your whole computer system is one of the true benefits of online fax. Add in the fact that using such a system will make any company more competitive and you have a winning formula for a more convenient and effective way to send and receive your faxes. Can you afford not to experience these true benefits for yourself or your company? Your Call.

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