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The Truth about Rachel Jackson’s "The Authoritative Internet Network Marketing Road Map"

Rachel Jackson is a Executive Director in Send Out Cards and and her success as an online marketer has exploded over the last year. Now Rachel has packaged up her knowledge and shared her secrets in her new e-book “The Authoritative Internet Network Marketing RoadMap”. Rachel became the youngest executive in Send Out Cards then brought her business online and became a YouTube Celebrity almost overnight. Does Rachel’s E-book stack up to other books about marketing on the internet?

The first chapter focuses on the benefits of starting a home based business. The next three chapters she then dispels any misconceptions about home based businesses and talks about common problems many network marketers face. She answers these questions pretty extensively and a reader would know exactly what to expect if she or he decides to use the internet to build their business. I do want to mention a important point Rachel brings up. She mentions that business partners won’t always take the internet route for their business and it’s important to be tuned to what people’s needs are. Some internet network marketers say online is the end all be all of the industry which is not always the case. Rachel points out this fact and lets the reader know that if team members seem to be a better fit for offline business then recommend the resources that will point them in the right direction.

The next 3 chapters get into the nitty gritty of online marketing. How to attract customers without having to be a salesperson, the necessities vs. the luxury tools used for business, and how to use social media to generate free leads.

Chapter 7 gets it’s own section because this is juicy information a lot of network marketers may not be aware of. She explains what the “Funded Proposal Concept” is and how this can be used as an additional income stream to fund marketing expenses and put some extra cash in the pocket.

The last chapter explains how to bring it all together and the “RoadMap is created. She details step by step the action steps she has taken to create a 6 figure income. If a person were to take these same action steps they could achieve the same results.

In my opinion, any network marketer would be a fool to not grab a copy of this e-book (for 47$ it is a steal). It’s an easy read with detailed outline that clearly explains exactly what a person has to do to build a profitable home based business online.

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