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Top 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Yahoo Buzz

Apart from reading the best practices of using Yahoo Buzz, below are the Top 7 Mistakes you should avoid when using Yahoo Buzz too. These are some of the most common mistakes people make and I am sure this article will benefit you a lot.

Top 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Yahoo Buzz

Mistake (1) – Submit Every Single Article Or Video In Your Website To Yahoo Buzz Without Knowing How They Would Benefit The Buzz Community

Just like any other news or article submission site, you should not submit every single article / video in your website to Yahoo Buzz easily, thinking that since it is a free service. You should ONLY submit quality articles or those which you think is unique and will benefit other Buzz users. It will also be a waste of time if you submit inappropriate content like spam or porn as they will typically be returned or removed by the customer care team.

Mistake (2) – Using Too Common Headline Or Headline That Does Not Attract Readership

This is a common mistake made by most people when they create titles or headlines for their articles. Who would be interested to read your article when the headline itself does not even sound interesting to them? An interesting and catchy headline will certainly out-stand your article among all those within same category.

Mistake (3) – Submitting Your Article To The Wrong Category

This should not happen as far as I am concerned. However it does occur sometimes when people are careless, in a hurry, or only concerned about gaining a back-link from Yahoo Buzz without putting it in the right category. Submitting to the right category will drive more relevant traffic to your article specifically from Yahoo Buzz.

Mistake (4) – Leaving "My Buzz Activity Is Public" Unchecked

All the signs of benefits are obvious if you make your Yahoo Buzz activity public. So I would encourage you to check the "My Buzz Activity Is Public" option (by default it is unchecked) unless you think your online privacy is a concern. Otherwise you would probably miss out the best part of getting popular in the community as well as driving traffic to your submitted articles too (will be explained more later).

Mistake (5) – Misusing The Buzz Up or Buzz Down buttons

Be responsible when you use the Buzz Up or Buzz Down buttons to vote for the articles in Yahoo Buzz. Buzz up only you think it's worth giving it a buzz. Buzz down only if you really think the article is worthless or inappropriate. Misusing these features will serve unfair to the author of the article or the community itself.

Mistake (6) – Asking Your Friends To Buzz Up For You Or Register Multiple Accounts To Do So

You should not beg or ask your friends, colleagues or family members to buzz your articles up for the sake of getting into Buzz in Yahoo Buzz. Similarly, you should also not register multiple free yahoo accounts to do so. This is against the guidelines and not a long term practice. Why not focus on writing a quality article or creating an interesting video to share with the buzz community? Is not it better this way?

Mistake (7) – Abusing The "Report A Story" Flag. Do Not Increase The Workload Of The Customer Care Team.

As much as Yahoo Buzz appreciates your help in helping them to fight spams and adult-related articles, you should not abuse the "Report A Story" flag by going around reporting articles for fun, or for the purpose of bringing down the reputation of your competitors. By doing so, you are actually ruining your own reputation since you are required to sign in when you need to vote. Think a level deer and you understand what I trying to say.

As Yahoo Buzz is still in the BETA phase, the more we really need to spread the news and educate the community users in working with this free social news service by Yahoo.

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