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Understanding The Uses And Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormones

Many women who need to take hormones will be asking themselves about bioidentical hormones. There have been discussions about this topic on TV talk shows. Feedback from these shows is that these have worked to assist in reducing the symptoms of menopause. Furthermore, users have reported that they feel much younger after taking these.

TV is not the only forum that has been used to spread this message of hope to women. Advertising has been done in newspapers, magazines, radio, blogs and websites discussing this matter. Women who encounter this advertising in one way or another are going to want to know whether this would work for them or not.

The fact is that these types of hormones have been used for at least the last twenty-five years alone by a certain practice. Furthermore, it is reported that many clients have experienced great results on the treatment. That said, this is issue requires personal attention for each women. No two people are alike and therefore each woman should be assessed and treated individually.

Bioidentical hormones come in many different forms and women respond to them in many ways. Furthermore, they work in different ways as well. All of this creates challenges when it comes to administering this to a woman.

Some women respond favorably to the drug right away and others will need support of varying degrees while on the treatment regime. Giving this support will ensure that these women achieve the results they so badly desire.

These types of hormones are manufactured in the laboratories to have the same structure as regular hormones. This is speaking from a molecular point of view. Regular hormones are the ones that are produced by the body. Synthetic ones are different as scientists are unable to patent the structure identically. Therefore, they manufacture ones that are synthetic and which can be patented.

Strangely, many practitioners are not aware of these despite the fact that they have been around for close to three decades. Today women are able to select from several branded varieties. Most of these these can be taken by all and sundry.

Many practices will do tests on clients to see what the exact dosage should be. They refer to a hormone panel to ascertain this information. Careful monitoring of the client is then done to see that she handles the bioidentical hormones in the right way. Regular follow-ups are done to see that the women obtain relief from the symptoms of menopause.

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