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Use the Health Benefits of Exercise to Motivate You to Take Action

Most of us have some idea about the health benefits of exercise and realize that taking part in some sort of physical activity that gets the body moving is advantageous to our health. This fact however does not seem to be enough to get the majority of the population to actually do anything which might improve their health.

The fact is that the human body is very similar to any man-made machine in that without regular use it starts to deteriorate rather quickly. We've all seen the healthy fit person who retires from a physically active job and starts a rapid decline in health as they become inactive.

To motivate ourselves to get into a regular exercise habit it helps to understand the positive effect such an activity will have on our lives. Hopefully when we actually begin to exercise on a regular basis the physical benefits will start to become obvious and we will no longer need any motivation to keep going.

The Most Important Health Benefits Of Exercise

1. Exercise will help prevent and reverse chronic disease

Most of the diseases which are known as "The diseases of civilization" are actually just a product of our relatively inactive lives. Your body did not evolve to spend all day behind a desk and doing so will drastically increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes among others.

2. Exercise will have a tremendous effect on your mood

It is an undervalued aspect of exercise that it can have such a huge positive effect on your perspective on life. Exercise stimulates chemicals in your brain similar to taking drugs which will make all your worries seem less important.

3. People who exercise lose weight

Its a simple fact that to lose weight all you have to do to lose weight is to burn more energy than you consume. Exercise helps you burn calories not only during the fact but the new muscle you build will burn extra calories to maintain itself.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to get into the exercise habit it may help to learn more about the health benefits of exercise in order to make you understand why it should be part of your life.

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