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Using Drugs to Help You Get the Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Deciding To Take A Quit Smoking Drug

There are many different methods to getting the benefits of quitting smoking, ranging from hypnosis to using nicotine replacement therapy. But for those who can not quite get rid of the habit on their own, there are now drugs on the market that can help end your nicotine craving. However, there are some unpleasant side effects associated with these quit-smoking drugs, and many people find these drugs far too toxic to their systems to continue using them. So be sure to talk to your doctor before you decide to use them.

What Are These Quit-Smoking Drugs and How Do They Work?

Currently, there are two types of these drugs approved on the market: Zyban and Chantrix. How they basically work is to act as a mild anti-depressant in order to counteract the more severe and even more unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that many people experience when they quit smoking. By using one of these drugs, it's possible for smokers to better handle the withdrawal period until they've kicked the habit for good.

Recent double-blind studies examined two test groups, placing one on one of these drugs, while the other group were given a sugar pill placebo. In those studies, over two-thirds of the smokers taking the drugs were able to successfully give up smoking for good, while less than a third of the test group gave the place were able to successfully quit.

You need to consult with your doctor to determine whether you can safely take one of these quit-smoking drugs and whether it will be effective for you or not. This is especially important if you're taking other prescription medications or if you have other health issues that could cause complications.

If you've been trying to quit smoking, and you think that taking a quit smoking drug may be the answer for you, talk to your doctor and ask about whether or not it is safe for you to try a quit smoking drug to help you break your nicotine addiction.

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