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Using Web 2.0 For Internet Marketing

Anyone who is interested in Internet marketing or an online business enterprise has unintentionally heard the term Web 2.0. This reflects to the second generation of Internet marketing tactics, tools, techniques, and strategies that are today being used to create millionaires by the competent. Web 2.0 in its original incarnation, referred to the integration of rich media into websites. But today, the term representations much more, specifically in the way that Internet entrepreneurs conduct business.

In the early days of Internet marketing, most companies relied solely upon their website. Serving as essentially an electronic brochure, the website provided information about the company, its business, its products, and anything else deemed relevant. However, the website more closely resembled an electronic brochure then an aggressive marketing tool. Also, in the early days, interactivity was virtually nonexistent.

Over time, the need for online interactivity between a site visitor and the site itself became identical. Companies began to realize that by providing a rich interactive experience, they could actually conduct business online. Neverheless, most online commerce efforts were limited strictly to an interactive website. When blogging became a reality, only a few people realized how to use it as a marketing tool. Blogs became personal journals, providing insight into the thinking of the writer, but not really providing a marketing function.

Today, Web 2.0 includes the website, blog, and a whole host of other tools that all come together to provide an amazing marketing engine. For example, most contemporary Internet marketers have integrated a number of social websites into their marketing mix. Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter, and even YouTube are all examples of some of the social networks in use today. There are many more, and new ones are coming online every day. The big benefit of these social networks is that it allows the marketer to connect directly with an entire community of like-minded people.

Beside the website, blog, and social networks, most savvy Internet marketers are also using a series of autoresponder e-mails that are automatically pushed out to prospects. The auto responders are triggered by some action on a website, or on the blog. The use of these e-mails enable the marketer to stay in touch with prospects, and to entice them to engage further in a business relationship.

Marketing online today is a complex and rapidly changing task. If you are engaged in Internet commerce, or wish to be, find an organization that can help you with a turnkey proven and tested Internet marketing system.

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