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What Are the Health Benefits of Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly?

The Undeniable Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen And Royal Jelly

In this article, I’m going to give you an insight into the world of Apitherapy, and what the health benefits of bee pollen and royal jelly are to you, your family and anybody else that wishes to try it.

But more importantly you will find out why pollen is the smart choice over royal jelly, time and time again.

Bee pollen and royal jelly are similar in many respects. They are both bee products, they are both fed to bee larvae as they are growing, they have a vast array of health benefits, and yet they are still quite different.

They May Be Different, But They Share Many Benefits

Before we look into why pollen is better for you than royal jelly, let’s have a look at the many health benefits they both other:

Increases sexual libido and fertility in men and women. This includes producing strong and viable sperm and eggs.

Anti-aging effects by delaying the effects of aging. They also help to restore the suppleness, color and elasticity of aging skin cells too.

Both substances can help increase your metabolism, making dieting and exercising more rewarding in terms of weight loss.

Boosts the immune system to the point where it can resist ailments such as the common cold and flu bugs.

Improve athletic capabilities through performance and academic prowess through mental clarity and agility.

Why Bee Pollen Is The Smart Choice

When we look at the shared health benefits of bee pollen and royal jelly, it’s easy to see they have a lot to give. But did you known pollen supplements have so much more to give, and that’s what makes pollen the smart choice.

In pollen you can find a dizzying cocktail of beneficial vitamins (in fact, all of the vitamins known to mankind), 27 minerals, amino acids and proteins and a horde of beneficial enzymes.

It is this rich mix of nutrition that allows pollen to imbue your life with energy as you have never known it before.

It can give you that boost of energy that makes pollen so great, you could become a better athlete or academic, spend more time playing with the kids and/or grand kids and you could even have the energy to do something daring, like a skydive or bungee jump

The Importance Of A New Zealand Brand

Whatever you choose, when it comes to the health benefits of bee pollen and royal jelly, it is imperative that you only purchase bee products harvested from New Zealand.

The importance of New Zealand, when it comes to all bee products is undisputed. It is only in this mecca of Apitherapy are the local conditions perfect enough to create outstanding bee hives that feast on only the healthiest non-contaminated nectars and pollens.

It is due to the wonderful area of New Zealand that the health benefits of bee pollen and royal jelly are so evident in today’s society. Because of its magnificent environment you know that the products are nutritionally dense super foods, not just for bees and their young, but also for you and your children too.

Choosing Your Bee Pollen

When choosing your pollen, consider the utmost talents of a company based in New Zealand. The Quality of goods produced by this company are breathtaking, this in part due to them being a new Zealand based company benefiting from the land, just as much as our pollen supplements have.

Learn more about how you can get a product which will make your life better and provide you with that amazing array of vitamins, and minerals, visit my page on Highest Quality Bee Pollen.

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