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What Gift & Loyalty Cards Can Do For You – Benefits of a Gift & Loyalty Card System

What can gift cards do for you? They can drive more business. Check out these statistics!

o 85% of gift cardholders never spend the full value of their cards. What is not gone goes directly to your bottom line.

o Gift cards are planned to reach $ 85 billion in sales in 2007.

o The average adult will own five gift cards in 2007.

o 60% spend more than the initial value of their card

o Half of the US consumers used gift cards in 2006.

(Sources: FDC Profile of the US Electronic Gift Card Market and Standard Register's Third National Consumer and Retailer of Gift Card Usage Survey)

Are you interested? Along the obvious business gains from using a gift card program, here's some additional benefits:

o Security – Multiple levels of customized security

o Accountability – Reporting software. You own and control your own data (only on pc-based systems).

o Paperless Transactions – Reduce transaction time and increase customer satisfaction.

o Loyalty:

o Cash-back / Rewards Cards allow you to put reward dollars back onto the card which increases both patron participation and your bottom line.

o Customer Loyalty Points – With no transaction fees (only on pc-based systems), you can create your own point / reward system.

o No Cash Back – Put the money on a gift card for your store instead of giving out refunds to your customers.

o Retain Funds – Give your customers incentive to return and spend more than what's on their cards.

o Increased Visibility – Custom design your card to keep your business on your patron's mind.

o Efficient and Flexible Design – Small footprint and flexible software.

o Low Operating Costs.

Source by Robert Hartman

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