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Why Is Social Media Important in Music?

We all know that social media is a massively accessible medium for keeping in touch with followers, but it is much more than that.

Nowadays social media platforms offer free advertisement, a way to reach out to new customers, networking opportunities and SEO benefits.

First of all lets look at the advantages of maximising the benefits of social media:

  • Gain fans
  • Receive radio play
  • Find out about competitions
  • Free promotion
  • Gig bookings
  • Obtain valuable industry contacts
  • and much more…

We’re going to take you step-by-step through the two main sites (Facebook and twitter), then add it a few extra ones like Digg and Reddit, that can provide huge boosts to readership if you go about everything in the right way.


Twitter is a must for musicians, not only does it contain your fans, it contains record labels, music festival organisers, venues, radio stations – pretty much whoever you could imagine in the industry will likely have a twitter account. Now you know that you can use the following ways to get the most out of it:

1 Twitterfall

Twitterfall is a website that allows you to search for specific terms in specific areas. It basically filters the tweets from all around the globe in to the exact terms you’re looking for.

If I added a search for “free music promotion” the tweets would filter out one by one, with the tweet and the users profile details. I can then reply directly to the users by connecting with twitter (highly recommended), and this way in 5 minutes I could get the right sort of people checking out my profile and promoting me for free.

Use your brains with the search term, you can also set a geolocation if you wanted to search for “bands available” in “London” for example. The great thing about this is you can also save your searches, add exclusions and keep coming back day after day to new tweets from different users.

2 Twellow

The self proclaimed yellow pages of Twitter.

You can search within certain industries for people that relate to your industry. For our purposes we shall look within Music and then the subcategory of Record Labels.

This provides a list of twitter users who are involved with record labels from around the world – you can then edit this down to people near your location, providing you with a lovely list of very important to follow and perhaps drop a direct message letting them know about who you are and what you do.

And not to mention you can add yourself to the twellow directories for free, so that when people look for musicians in say the London area there you are!

3 Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a downloadable ap that is super useful at following others, searching for trends, messaging people with ease and basically offers an organised version of twitter.

With the app you can customize columns to show your tweets, tweets of others, direct messages, global searches, use multiple accounts, schedule your tweets and much more – it’s basically an online twitter version of a swiss army knife.

Hootsuite is a similar device to Tweetdeck, and preferred by some – so be sure to check them both out.


Every artist and band that’s around should have a Facebook page (And probably already does).

It’s taken over from MySpace as the number one stop for bands on a social medium, and whilst MySpace still has a place, the massive growth of sites such as Soundclowd and the massive use of Facebook means that it’s the first place to keep your fans updated.

1 Create a fan page

Pretty obvious, but you should always create a page for yourself or your band. Not only does it keep it separate from your personal life, it’s also a little more professional and allows your to track all kind of things (such as your weekly reach, what posts trend well, etc). You can also create an ad easily if you so desire.

2 Update your pictures

Since the introduction of timeline pictures are extremely important on Facebook band pages. A beautiful cover photo is a top of the page eye catching element to a page.

3 Add Apps

FBML is a great app which allows you to add HTML code (or some of it) to a section of your Facebook page. You can either approach this in one of two ways – from an SEO standpoint by adding links to various parts of your site (adding more backlinks from a good source), or add links to music, pictures and make a pretty looking section to your page.

There are lots of other apps out there to add to your page, these are constantly changing. For example BandPage is one to look at to add a BandPage… but due to apps constantly changing you may need to Google for the best ones out there.

4 Integrate with Spotify

Spotify has become to number one way to listen to music legally. It is a fantastic service and has helped bridge the gap between illegal downloading and streaming to legal internet use.

Integrate your Facebook page with your Spotify account for the full benefits of Spotify!

Keep Your Readers Entertained

Now you know ways to improve your social media experience you need to offer them something! Now whilst this isn’t an exact science and definitely involves a bit of trial and error, there are some great examples out there of how to keep your fans entertained and checking back for more:

Post Pictures

Posting pictures will give yourselves a personal edge over the competition. We’re not just talking about gigs, we’re talking about you walking dog, or going bungee jumping, a kind of behind the scenes look at the life of your band.

Offer a free download of a song for a retweet

Bands have started doing this with good success. If you have a song you’re willing to offer for free, you can reach a wide audience. Retweetlink is an example of how to go about this.

Give plenty of shoutouts

Interact with followers as much as possible, use the lovely @ key to shout out to people and get them chatting.

Extra Social Mediums

Reddit and Digg are amongst my favourite sites for music promotion and can help gain large numbers of visitors – to an interesting source.

People often approach Reddit and Digg in the wrong way, trying to push themselves in to an open online abyss, whereas it needs to be seen more as a discussion forum where if something is very useful, unique and interesting it will get a lot of views, be shared and add a lot of power to your site from an SEO perspective.

To sumarise be sure to update your social pages, use the amazing applications out there to gain fans, contact people in the industry and search for useful information. Then share photos, interesting blogs and stories to your fans and socialise these on sites such as Digg and Reddit for an extra response.

It takes time, but the benefits of doing so not only helps you gain more fans, but also builds yourself/your band as a brand, which is extremely important in the digital age.

Source by Craig A Priestly

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