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Why Taking HDL Supplements Can Benefit Your Health

Raising ones HDL levels can be a very daunting process. The progress consistants of a lifestyle change that takes time to develop. So much time, in fact, that a person in need of immediate increase in HDL cholesterol might consider taking HDL supplements to counterbalance the time constraint.

For those who are not sure, not all cholesterol is bad for the health. In fact, HDL is considered good cholesterol and cleanses the walls within blood vessels while forging any excess LDL, bad, cholesterol out of arteries and redirects it to the liver where its true function lies. Having a higher HDL level coincides with having a lower LDL level and is expected in any individual in search of a healthy body.

Sometimes, if a person is in dire need of help increasing the HDL levels in their body, especially if it will help prevent any sort of inevitable health problem, drugs can be prescribed to help raise levels faster. These drugs are in no way any sort of substitute for following more traditional ways of raising good cholesterol; however, when certain bodies have trouble producing the HDL on its own supplements may be the only option.

Studies have shown that in some individuals, it may take two different types of prescription medications to not only lower LDL but also raise HDL adequately. Doctors have stated that any drugs with niacin seem to be the most effective at raising HDL. Niacin is a type of B vitamin and can be purchased at any drug store in the herbal supplements aisle.

However, the amount of niacin needed in order to raise the HDL levels needed is so high that pharmacists formed a higher dosage to be taken in various prescription drug incarnations. Unfortunately, with the various other chemicals within the medication certain side effects can take place, such as flushing, itching and hot flashes. Because of this, a doctor should supervise taking niacin.

Other supplements, including cholestyramine and gemfibrozil, have been proven to help raise HDL level. When combined together with niacin, the supplements form a truly substantial force causing good cholesterol to form with quick results. Regrettably, the combination is also known to be extremely hard to tolerate. Statins, the most commonly prescribed drugs, have also been known to increase HDL.

Although these various supplements are the only drugs available to help increase HDL, doctors are confident more developments will be made in the future.

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